So easy to install,
anyone can do it

Scalewatcher is simple to install. Simply mount it,
plug it in and wrap the wires around your main
intake pipe and you're done.

After that, Scalewatcher uses so little electricity it
costs just £5 a year to run.

"First it is very easy to fit...what a difference...Well done for selling a limescale remover that really does work."
Mr Warrillow, Kent

Fitting Instructions

3 easy steps to a scale-free home

1. Where to position the unit

Scalewatcher can be installed anywhere on your water system but most people choose to put it on the incoming cold main either before or after the stopcock, as this will then usually cover all the water supply in the house.

If this is not possible then it can be fitted on the inflow or outflow of the cold water tank, or to the cold feed of the hot system as this then covers all hot water in the house which is the source of most scale – relatively little scale occurs in the cold system.

You need at least 10cm of straight pipe to work with. Scalewatcher can be installed on copper, plastic, steel or lead pipes. (If your pipes are steel or lead, please call us before ordering for advice on size).

2. How to fix the unit

Scalewatcher can be installed up to a metre or more away from the pipe around which you are fitting the coil. A mains electrical outlet will be required preferably within 3 metres as this is the standard length of cable. Longer cables are available to order.

Simply mount the unit on the firmest available wall using the fixings provided. You can hook the Scalewatcher onto the fixings by using the keyhole slots at the back or the side mounting tabs. The box can be placed in any attitude – vertical, horizontal or diagonal.


3. Attaching the coil

Simply wrap the coil around the nearest available pipe using around 10 turns and secure on each side using the cable ties provided. The pipe on which the coil is to be placed can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal and if you are unable to install the unit before the pipe work splits it is possible to treat two pipes by using a single coil on each pipe.

Then simply strip the ends of the signal cable, twist the bare wire together and insert into the Scalewatcher by pushing on the terminal buttons. It's just like attaching your speakers on your hi-fi system - only on a Scalewatcher it doesn't matter which terminal you attach your coils too. They both work fine.

Finally switch on at the mains. A red light indicates that power is one, while the green light shows that Scalwatcher is working correctly. Scalewatcher is designed to be left permanently switched on.

More comprehensive and detailed fitting instructions come with each unit.

"All Scalewatcher units carry a 10 year warranty on materials and workmanship."


Watch our installation video

scalewatcher installation