Scalewatcher shocks limescale into shape

This compact, computerised limescale remover uses a coil wrapped around the outside of your main intake pipe to create an electronic circuit which changes the physical shape of the scale-forming calcium crystals in the bulk of the water.

Those limescale beasties are literally shocked into shape. Scalewatcher electronically alters the shape of the limescale crystals so they can't stick onto your pipes any more. Instead they just wash straight through your system.

Your water doesn't just stop depositing limescale anymore — it actually absorbs and dissolves existing limescale, so, over time, Scalewatcher actually helps to clean up your plumbing!


Every Boxed Unit Contains:

  • Scalewatcher DDMF signal generator with
  • 3m mains cable and plug with 3 Amp fuse
  • Signal Cable sufficient to mount unit up to 1 metre from coil
  • Cable Ties
  • Mounting Screws and Wallplugs
  • Detailed fitting instructions, guarantee and performance guide
  limescale remover in action