What people say about Scalewatcher

"It has quite obviously helped to eliminate scale. Certainly inside six months there was obviously a big improvement."
Build It, March 1996.

"The first effect of the one we tested was to release the scale which had built up within the electric shower, with significantly less scale forming around the bath and basin taps, making it easier to keep the place clean."
Practical Householder, May 1997.

"Yes, it does work. We've given a sample a road test."
Perfect Homes, January 1993.

"Now, the immersion heater element is clean. The torchlight inspection revealed no scale build-up on the indirect cylinder coil."
R. Bisby, Test Report.

"Confirming your guarantee of eliminating scale, which it most certainly does with spectacular results."
Plumbing Lecturer, Hammersmith and West London College.

"No longer do I need to use the oil or cream and my skin is not cracking. So! No scaly kettle and no scaly skin."
Eczema suffering nurse, Mrs Moody, Hants.

"I can thoroughly recommend Scalewatcher from every point of view."
R W Lowden, Hampshire.

"The most dramatic difference has been in scale removal and the washing machine."
S R New, Bournemouth.

"In conclusion, I would certainly recommend this appliance as a sound investment."
D G McSherry, London.

"It has performed entirely up to the standards in your performance guide and therefore I am delighted with the product."
D A Dunkley, Surrey.

"It really works. Things just do not scale up any more."
Technical Officer, RAF Mildenhall.

"I am pleased to say it appears to be working satisfactorily. Within a few weeks of installation the showerhead was free of scale, and it is now much easier to clean the shower base and round taps in the basin. I will certainly recommend to anyone who might be interested."
Mrs Paine, Hants.

"I suddenly noticed that my hands which had been dry and scaly, were now soft and silky."
F E Smith, Finchley.

"It seems to do all the things you claim for the system. Lavatory cisterns now sparkle and the scale has fallen off round taps, dishwasher elements and kettle casing and elements. Marks have vanished in basins and lavatory pans and glasses dry without water marks. A truly remarkable device and one which we can thoroughly recommend."
R A Wartnaby, Coventry.

"Within days of its installation I was able to clear the scale which had built up around my taps, shower head, sink, bath and wash basin."
R J Dyke, Dorset.

"The toilet bowls are now scale free which makes them easier to clean. My wife and daughter have noticed that their hair is softer after washing and they use less shampoo."
B Hodges, Staffs.